Our global curated marketplace is a community of passionate collectors connecting over rare vintage items and fine art. The platform empowers sellers to sell and help buyers find what they love.

1. Selling

With powerful tools, expertise and content, we help collectors start an e-shop, manage, and scale their business. Want to become a Curio seller? Its free to join and only takes $0.20 USD to list your item for a period of 4 months.

Why listing fee?

Our unique selling proposition is that we aim to evaluate/curate every item which is listed for sale. Our team may visit you to take photographs or videos as needed. Along with this, we will assist in wiriting up the content regarding your item. Items of the following nature cannot be sold on Curio

1. Reproduction items - Curio lists only genuine vintage items, should compulsorily have a date reference.

2. Antiques - Any item which is more than 100 years old

Transaction fee

Every item sold on Curio will be subject to a transaction fee of 15% of the sale value. This will be billed to the seller

2. Buying

Buyers are free to join Curio, register themselves and explore the wealth of rare items.

Find the desired item on the Curio website; go through the item description and high definition photos. Once decided to purchase, add to cart and proceed with the payment/ purchase. We shall pack and deliver through insured courier and let you unbox your rare experience.

Your feedback will help us to serve you better.

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